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Cleveland.com: Community pet care for pet owners in need


Through one of our amazing volunteers, we were able to post a news story about one of the Veterinary Care Voucher recipients from One Health Organization. 

Here's a link to the "Community pet care for pet owners in need" article.

Melissa Elick and I spoke with one of their writers, Shirley MacFarland, about our mission to support people and pets in need.

She asked me why I founded One Health Organization, which is, actually, a long story. I gave her a shorter version for her readers.

When Shirley asked if we had any specific stories in mind to illustrate what we do, we talked about Robert and his dog Shadow. We wrote a story about before Robert received Vouchers to care for Shadow, and after Shadow received the veterinary care he needed. I love a success story like that.

Robert's story resonates with people who love to help veterans, people like Robert, and it also resonates with people who love animals, like his dog Shadow.

Helping People and Pets

One of the unique things about One Health Organization is that we help people and their pets. Robert no doubt benefits from the emotional, physical, and spiritual strength from the strong bond he has with Shadow.

Not only is access to veterinary care for Shadow important it's also important for those who may interact with Shadow when out on his walks. That's because veterinary care, like vaccinations and parasite control, helps keep people from accidentally getting awful diseases, like rabies, from pets.

Stories Tell Us Why

Robert and Shadow's story is both unique and familiar. This part doesn't change - someone lives with a dog or cat and they're having a hard time affording veterinary care. The difference is in the details of how they found themselves in a financial bind. Everyone's story is different and compelling.

Helping people living with pets, like Robert and Shadow, is the reason why we do this work. We empathize with their situation, and we're compassionate towards people who have a hard time making their financial ends meet.

Their pets shouldn't have to suffer from lack of veterinary care and people shouldn't have to suffer with the worry of not being able to take care of their constant companion.

You can find other success stories of people who have benefited from using Vouchers to help them pay for veterinary care, as well as stories of people in need

Helpers Make This Work Possible

Who are helpers? They are people who support the mission of One Health Organization by donating money and/or time.

If you're able, you can be a helper in this work. 

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