As a nonprofit, One Health Organization relies on Veterinary Partners, volunteers, donors, and Voucher recipients to continue our mission: keeping pets healthy with their humans at home.

Our Veterinary Partners

Our Veterinary Partners are local veterinarians who have agreed to accept One Health Organization Vouchers to pay for dog and cat care. We are grateful for their time and support. We couldn’t do this work without them!

Our Veterinary Partners (past and present) include:

Our Donor Partners

Our donors are true heroes. Many of them found One Health Organization while searching for ways to give back to their communities. They care about animal welfare. They understand the amazing bond between people and animals. They also know that being a pet parent isn’t always easy and can be expensive.

We are grateful to these partners who make a tangible difference by financially supporting a cause that’s close to their hearts. We couldn’t do this without their donations!

Our Volunteer Partners

Our volunteers show their love for animals by being generous with their time, energy, and talents. They help One Health Organization run smoothly keeping pets and pet parents healthy across Northeast Ohio.

Many of our volunteers have fur babies at home. They are animal lovers. We are grateful to them for taking the time to help us fulfill our mission of healthy pets, happy people. We couldn’t support the bond between people and their pets without our volunteers!

Our Voucher Recipients

Our Voucher recipients, called One Health Family Members, are pet parents who deeply love their dogs and cats. Their pets are their family members, companions that add health and happiness to their homes. These Voucher recipients bring our mission full circle by seeking and accepting veterinary care for their pets. 

We are so grateful to our One Health Family Members for being committed to their pets’ health. We couldn’t help your pets without your involvement!

Our Corporate and Foundation Partners

Like our individual donors, our corporate and foundation partners support human and pet health through charitable giving. This funding goes toward making Northeast Ohio a healthier, happier community for everyone.  

Thank you to these generous funders who support our work *currently or have done so in the past!

  • AmazonSmile Foundation*
  • BudgetEase*
  • Dolphin Charitable Foundation
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Enable Hope Foundation*
  • Endeavor Wealth Advisors*
  • Fiduciary Trust Company*
  • The Sam J. Frankino Foundation*
  • GE Foundation
  • The David and Chady Hall Foundation
  • Illinois Tool Works, Inc.*
  • The Louise H. and David H. Ingalls Foundation
  • KeyBank Foundation
  • KeyBank National Association Trust Division*
  • KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc.*
  • Lincoln Electric Foundation*
  • The Lozick Family Foundation*
  • Misty Glen Kennels*
  • Michelson Found Animals Foundation
  • The Pittsburgh Foundation — Buttonwood Fund*
  • The Murch Foundation*
  • The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBank Trust
  • Joyce M. Stielau & Herbert W. Stielau Foundation*
  • Vincent J. Stark Foundation
  • The Helen F. and Louis Stolier Family Foundation*
  • The S.K. Wellman Foundation*
  • Wenk Foundation*