Get Involved In Promoting Healthy Pets


get_involved-CircleAre you interested in helping us support healthy pets in Northeast Ohio? We would love for you to get involved!

There are three main ways to help our nonprofit support healthy pets.


Make a donation — every dollar helps! Your financial contributions help us give more vouchers to pet parents in Northeast Ohio. 

Donating directly benefits pets in need.

 Donate for Access to Veterinary Care


Volunteers are an essential part of our One Health Organization Team. We can use your help with your time and talents in marketing, fundraising, and more!

Learn More About Becoming a Volunteer

Veterinary Partners

Veterinary team members, your veterinary clinic can become one of our One Health Organization Partners. This allows low-income clients to pay you with Vouchers provided by our nonprofit — at no cost to you AND quick reimbursable payments. Contact us for more information before a client presents you with a Voucher.

When you become a veterinary partner, you help promote pet health for all pets in the region.

Other Ways to Promote Healthy Pets & People

  • Spread the word. Do you have friends or family who are passionate about keeping pets healthy with people who love and need them? Tell them about One Health Organization.
  • Follow us on social media. Follow us on social media and spread the word by sharing posts with your friends! 

About AmazonSmile

Because the AmazonSmile program ended on 2/20/2023, we're looking for other ways for you to make donations while you shop.