Our Programs to Support People and Pets in Need


Our mission? Healthy pets, happy people. 

Our programs help struggling pet parents with vet bills. We know that when your pets are healthy, your home is a happier, healthier place to be.

How We Help Pets in Need

  1. Our program provides Voucher Cards to pay for visits to the vet.
  2. We connect pet parents with resources to help them keep their animals happy and healthy.
  3. We partner with Northeast Ohio veterinarians who love animals!

Our Veterinary Voucher Program for Pets in Need

In 2014, Dr. Anna dreamed of a way to help all Northeast Ohio pets get the medical care they need. We launched the One Health Organization Voucher Program to provide Vouchers to eligible pet parents. Because of our partnerships with local veterinary clinics, pet parents can use these Vouchers like cash at participating locations.

The Voucher program works like this:

  1. Any eligible pet parent can submit an application for veterinary care for their cat or dog in need.
  2. The organization provides a Voucher Card worth up to $250 at local veterinary clinics. 
  3. The Voucher recipient calls one of our Veterinary Partners to make an appointment.
  4. After the appointment, the Voucher recipient uses the Voucher to pay the bill. 
  5. If the bill is more than the balance on the card, the Voucher recipient pays the difference.
Healthy pet, happy person! Mission accomplished.

You can learn more about Voucher Cards, check your eligibility, and submit an application on our Vet Care Vouchers page.

Helpful Resources for Pet Parents

Every day, One Health Organization gets calls from pet parents in need. Maybe you wonder which canned food is best for your cat’s sensitive stomach. Maybe your aging dog needs pain relief. 

Whatever information you need, there are online resources to help. 

Professional Partnerships for Pets in Need

Our Voucher program helps low-income people afford veterinary goods and services. But we could not do this without our Veterinary Partners and donors! 

Plans for the future include 

  • partnerships with other nonprofits and businesses
  • workforce development opportunities
  • comprehensive services to low-income pet owners in Northeast Ohio

If you're a Northeast Ohio veterinarian, learn how low-income clients can pay you with Vouchers at no cost to you or your clinic. 

If you're an individual, business, or nonprofit who wants to help people and pets in need, get involved in One Health Organization.

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