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Kathy and Chloe's Story


Life can change quickly. Imagine losing all the people closest to you within several months. Suddenly, the snow globe has been shaken and nothing is as it was. When this happens to an older adult or someone with disabilities, the challenges are greater. 

‘We Rescued Each Other’

“Over the course of nine months, I lost my husband, my daughter, and my dog. It was like all the lights went out in my life and I had to find my way, which wasn’t easy at my age and with my health issues. I felt very alone as I tried to put my life back together, so my vet encouraged me to adopt another dog. After a little while, I ventured out to the shelter, and there was Chloe. No one wanted her, but I did. We rescued each other. She’s my best friend and gives me something to live for.” – Kathy

Chloe has been a lifeline for Kathy as she adjusts to the new normal. But money was tight, and Kathy had a hard time covering the cost of her companion’s veterinary care without help. Even more challenging, she soon learned that Chloe had some dental issues and was in some pain.

The Root of Chloe’s Pain

Dental disease is one of the most common diseases seen by veterinarians. Many pets will have some degree of the disease by age three. Early signs include bad breath, yellow tartar buildup, and red or swollen gums. In severe cases, dental disease will require the teeth to be pulled.

Did you know that anesthesia is required when performing dental procedures on pets? This is for the safety of the pet and the staff. Dogs and cats can’t follow a dentist’s instructions to open wide.

Chloe needed a dental procedure, which included the need to pull out a tooth. Dental procedures for pets can get expensive quickly, especially if a pet requires extensive work. Luckily for Kathy, her veterinarian, Dr. Brucchieri at Porter Pet Hospital, told her about One Health Organization’s Voucher‑based Pet Healthcare Program.

“I feel good when I can help people like Kathy get the care that her dog Chloe desperately needed. During a routine exam, I saw that Chloe's teeth were in bad shape. Because of the Vouchers that Kathy received from One Health Organization, I was able to pull out a bad tooth and Chloe's mouth feels a lot better.” – Dr. Brucchieri

Vouchers Spell Relief & Hope

Thanks to generous people like you, Kathy was able to keep her dog healthy with Vouchers, which are worth up to $250 and can be used for essential veterinary care, like annual checkups and vaccines. Knowing that people care enough to help with this expense gives Kathy hope.

Your Donations Make a Difference

There is no shortage of people with similar stories who need assistance in Northeast Ohio. In fact, there are thousands. The only limit to helping them is how much can be raised. This year, One Health Organization is aiming to provide Vouchers to as many eligible households as there are requests. Frequently, eligible households need to be placed on a waiting list until funds can be raised.

You can make all the difference when an older adult like Kathy, who’s been through so much, can keep the companion that brings them joy. Your gift to One Health Organization will help provide access to veterinary care for hundreds of dogs and cats belonging to people in need in Northeast Ohio.

Thank you in advance for caring about pets and their people. Your partnership is essential!

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