Veterinary Assistance Success Stories


Anna M. van Heeckeren, DVM

Heather and Yukon’s Story

Yukon is a dog. But he thinks he’s a cat. He’s the star and main...
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Lisa’s Story

Animals and humans share special bonds, and those bonds are even...
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Kathy and Chloe's Story

Life can change quickly. Imagine losing all the people...
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One Health Family Member Vanessa left us the following message to...
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Dr. Rogoff

When Dr. Rogoff of Orange Village Animal Hospital learned of Lil'...
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Tony Gives You Thanks for Helping Ginger

We received the cutest thank you note from Tony. While it's...
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You Helped Gloria and her Cat Frankie

Meet Gloria and her beloved, 7-year-old cat Frankie, pictured here.
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Scamp, the hero dog you helped

Scamp, a 13 year old, large black dog was adopted from a shelter...
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Johnnie and her cat Missy are inseparable. Johnnie rescued...
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