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Santa Days with Pixure This! Photo Studio

Pixure This! Photo Studio, located in Broadview Hts, Ohio, is a new partner of One Health Organization. They're donating your sitting fee of $100 to One Health Organization for their annual Santa Days on November 11 and 12, 2017. Also, you'll receive a 5" x 7" photo and a Facebook Cover image. This is a unique opportunity to keep holiday memories alive with a portrait of your One Health Family members (i.e. the important pets and people in your life). Reserve your session today or learn more below!

See the quality of the portraits you can expect to get. There are two unique scenes for the 2017 holiday season, and a video photo montage from previous years.

One of the things we like about this opportunity is that their studio is private, and so is your session. No need to worry about bringing your pet to a busy store with other pets and people around to distract your family when you want to capture that special moment.

Your 30 minute appointment for your One Health Family to visit with Santa will be documented on film. If you wish to have family portraits without Santa, let them know! Also, if you have 8 or more family members, let them know so that they’re best prepared.

Once your session is complete, they’ll make a Preview & Ordering Appointment 1-2 weeks later. They’ll have a presentation prepared for you of finished portraits to narrow your choices. You’ll choose your complimentary 5" x 7" portrait and Facebook Cover image, plus place orders of any additional Framed Wall Portraits, Gift Prints, Gift Items, Photo Greeting Cards, Boutique Holiday cards, etc. Once you order is ready in 1-2 weeks, they’ll contact you. Reserve your portrait session today!