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Picking up poop in the comics

Flo and Friends cartoon published 12/19/2010 especially for One Health Organization

Did you know that Jenny Campbell, syndicated cartoonist of Flo and Friends, is a huge animal lover who created a cartoon just for One Health Organization? Let me tell you the story. I was at a fundraiser at Rescue Village to benefit the Geauga Humane Society in 2010. The woman sitting next to me heard about how we help animals, so she bid on a silent auction item and donated it to us. What was the auction item? A personalized cartoon, created by Jenny Campbell. How cool is that?!?

Jenny is one of the most down to earth, warm hearted, compassionate people I've had the pleasure to meet. She and I worked on the concept, and the resulting cartoon was shared with those who love a good laugh at everyday life events.

I found it funny. Did you?