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2016 Cleveland Pet Expo


It's that time of year again! It's time for the Cleveland Pet Expo. If you are looking for a weekend activity October 8th and October 9th where you can meet lots of dogs at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds near the Cleveland Hopkins Airport, then this is the place to be!

We'd love to see you there! Drop by Booth 211 in Hall 25 (where they sometimes house  rabbits, cavies, and poultry). We'll be passing out safety window clings, bandannas, cat litter scoops, and dog waste bags while supplies last.

Donations are always appreciated. You can Vote for Dogs or Vote for Cats by making a cash donation at the booth. Wonder who'll win? The animals, of course!

This year, volunteers at the booth will include Board Members and Sigma Psi sorority sisters from Case Western Reserve University. They attended a Volunteer Orientation session to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why caring people like you should consider getting involved (i.e. volunteer and/or donate).

A few tips for attending include...

If you would like to bring your dog, please consider whether your dog will enjoy being there as much as you will enjoy being there. This event has been crowded and noisy in the past, and there are dogs of all shapes and sizes. This kind of environment and experience can be scary for your dog. If your dog absolutely loves being in that kind of setting and you're sure your dog will love it, then there are a few extra things you need to do. First, be sure that your dog is current on all vaccinations and doesn't have any parasites. Also, please read and fill out their release form and bring it with you so you can enter the indoor exhibit areas.

If you are allergic to common household pets, take the typical precautions that work best for you. Precautions may include taking medications to help ease allergy symptoms, don't touch animals that you know give you allergic reactions, and wash your hands if you do touch them (by accident or on purpose- we know they're hard to resist). We'll have the allergy fact sheets there for you to pick up so you can live a healthier life at home with pets that cause your allergy symptoms to flare.

All dogs can bite. A growl lets you know they're going to bite, so back away calmly and slowly if you hear a growl. It's best to ask someone if it's OK to pet their dog, and to place your open hand, palm face up so the dog can feel safe to interact with you if they want. If the dog doesn't want to interact with you, that's OK. Sometimes people are scary to dogs. Respect that they need their own space, too. Doggone Safe has great advice on their Facebook page for those who want to prevent dog bites.