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Roberta's, Pip's and Victor's Story


“I live on Social Security and receive food stamps, which I confess that I use to pay for Pip’s and Victor’s food. I’m 72 years old, I live alone, and I have multiple sclerosis and advancing arthritis in my back but caring for my pets is my priority. It forces me to remain active. However, the cost to take good care of them can be overwhelming. I put every spare penny I can toward my animals’ continued care and I am sincerely grateful for the help One Health Organization offers. I can’t thank you enough for all the good you do.” – Roberta S., Pip and Victor 

Without the help of caring people like you, Roberta will continue to struggle to make ends meet. She'll keep using her food stamps to pay for her pets' food instead of for herself. She won't be able to cover veterinary costs for Pip or Victor. Can you be a hero to Roberta, Pip, and Victor? 

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