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Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care Services

Cuyahoga County

Companion Pets of Cleveland

5376 Ridge Road Parma, Ohio 44129 USA

Phones: (216) 307-7814

Companion Pets of Cleveland strives to help families and their companion animals stay together during financially difficult times, times that could easily separate them because of the owners inability to provide food, supplies, and other basic needs. We provide pet food, cat litter, and other basic supplies through our pet food pantry. We may be able to subsidize vet costs as well up to $75!

Neighborhood Pets Outreach & Resource Center

3711 E 65th St, Cleveland, OH 44105

Phones: (216) 505-5853

Open to the public:
Tues & Thurs 12pm-4pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

Also available by appointment!

Serving Cleveland and East Cleveland residents only!


The Perseus Foundation

9810 Dairyton Court Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Phones: (202) 674-1334

Support for pets diagnosed with cancer.

Brown Dog Foundation, Inc.

3079 South Danielson Pl Chandler, AZ 85286

Temporary financial relief an alternative to euthanasia for pet owners facing treatable life -threaten conditions.

Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc.

44 Devoe St Brooklyn, NY 11211

God's Creatures Ministry Veterinarian Charities

PO Box 666 Wayne, NJ 07474-3666

Maximum giving is $50.

Harley's Hope Foundation

PO Box 88146 Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Phones: (719) 362-6335

This resource is for Colorado residents only!

Land of Pure Gold Foundation, Inc.

3731 Greenway Lane Owings Mills, MD 21117

Phones: (410) 363-1434

Financial assistance to Golden Retrievers and working dogs with cancer.

Ozzy Foundation

The Ozzy Foundation was formed with this belief in mind: to help pet guardians with the financial costs of veterinary bills and provide a supportive place for those caring for a chronically ill pet.

Pit Bulls Against Misinformation

3053 Freeport Blvd, #244 Sacramento, CA 95818

Phones: (916) 243-6860

Is not breed-specific, any dogs of all breeds and mixes are encouraged to apply.

The Riedel & Cody Fund

PO Box 1162 Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Financial assistance for dogs and cats with cancer

The Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation

4530 S. Reservoir Rd, Unit A Centennial, CO 80015

Phones: (303) 772-8339

Financial assistance for dogs with cancer.

The Pet Lifeline Financial Assistance Program

Each month, we select one pet owner to award financial aid. Our goal is to provide vet bill assistance to the pets that need it most. The selection process is based on your financial need and your pet’s current medical situation. These funds are not intended to fully pay for any specific medical procedure or to compensate you for all your pet’s medical expenses. They are intended to assist and help pay a portion of your veterinary bill, so your pet can begin to get the necessary care.

We notify pet financial aid recipients monthly, by the first Friday of each following month.

*Please note: The maximum giving amount is $200. Owners are only eligible to receive pet financial assistance one time. You will not be chosen more than once, so please do not apply again if you’ve received financial aid from our program previously.


Eligibility Requirements


The Pet Lifeline Program is exclusively for non-basic, non-urgent care cases only. For reference, there are four pet care categories:

  1. Basic medical care (regular checkups/exams, spay and neuter procedures, dental, vaccinations, etc.)
  2. Non-basic, non-urgent medical care (cancer treatment, heart disease; chronic conditions, endocrine diseases, diabetes, eye diseases, IBD, etc.)
  3. Urgent medical care (diagnostic testing, broken limbs, torn ligaments, internal bleeding, etc.)
  4. Emergency medical care (life-threatening conditions, injuries, or illnesses)

Other eligibility requirements for pet financial assistance include:

  1. Eligible pet owners must live in the United States
  2. Vet bill assistance is for domestic pets only (i.e. any animal that is normally kept inside a domestic dwelling, including dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, and similar-sized animals; this does not include livestock, such as horses, cows, goats, etc.)
  3. Eligible pet owners can apply for a one-time payment which must be for a pet they already own.


Athena Animal Advocacy Group & Helping Paws Pet Food Pantry

5008 Winthrop Drive Austintown, OH 44515

Phones: (330) 797-8670, (330) 559-9271, (330) 559-9580

Assistance for treating medical emergencies. Grants paid directly to veterinarians. Amounts vary case by case, ranging from $50 to $200.
They also provide help for rescues, heartworm, and spay/neuter services.

The Bummer Fund

269 Redondo Rd Youngstown, OH 44504

Phones: (330) 744-7114

The Bummer Fund provides financial support to responsible pet owners in times of temporary medical crisis or emergency for a pet.
The Fund is for residents and referring veterinarians of Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana Counties only!

Cody's Club

35 Nottingham Rd Columbus, OH 43214

Explain why your pet needs radiation and your financial need. A letter from the treating Ohio State veterinarian MUST accompany the application, outlining the animal's condition, cost of treatment, and prognosis. Donations will be made directly to the treating veterinary hospital, with a stipulation that it must be applied specifically to the radiation treatment.

Friends of Animals Spay/Neuter Program Certificates

Phones: (after 1:00 PM) (216) 587-0476 or 1 (800) 321-7387

This organization helps pet owners in ALL COUNTIES. They provide a list of veterinarians that accept their certificates for spay/neuter services.

United Pet Fund

9401 Towne Square Ave Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phones: (513) 520-7571

They provide funds to animal shelters and animal rescue groups only!

Jake Brady Memorial

32781 Red Oak Avenue Avon, Ohio 44011

Phones: (440) 937-4000

Summit County