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Our Mission

Healthy Animals. Healthy People. Healthy Environments.

To learn how anyone can reduce stress, please attend the event Women & Wine. Pets & Purse Strings. For more information, click here.

We strive to fulfill our mission by helping to keep people and pets healthy at home. People living on a low income sometimes have pets. Of all the stories we have heard from One Health Family Members is that each pet has been a rescue. This is success; these pets have found their forever homes!

When the reality of the cost of annual veterinary care surfaces, low-income people have tough choices to make. Do they care for their pet, or do they sacrifice their own health and safety? Or do they take their pet to one of the animal rescues, shelters, or foster agencies are already full and overwhelmed with too many pets? Or in desperation, do they let them loose on the streets?

One Health Organization helps remove of these tough choices. Low-income people who become One Health Family Members can provide a forever home and properly care for their pets.


Veterinary Payment Program

A One Health Family is a household with a pet. In order for people and pets to live happy and healthy at home, the health care team must include a primary care veterinarian, which can be expensive. The Veterinary Payment Program is a benefit to One Health Family Members. Click here for more information about this membership program and how any One Health Family can benefit.

To learn more about how One Health Organization honors the human-animal bond through services to seniors and their pets, watch the short video below. You'll meet several of the seniors at the Westerly Apartments in Lakewood, Ohio and hear how in-home veterinary care for their pets has made a difference in their lives. Please note that the 'Vets On Wheels' program mentioned in the video has been discontinued. However, we still work with mobile veterinary practitioners as well veterinary clinics through the Veterinary Payment Program.

You Make a Difference

One Health Organization honors One Health families by assisting people in need, particularly seniors and those with disabilities, to access affordable veterinary care services for dogs and cats who live with them. Now we invite you to honor a person or pet that is or has been especially significant in your life and to support Veterinary Payment Program with your gift.

Your gift can be made In Honor of a living person or pet or In Memory of a person or pet now gone but never forgotten. Your Tribute will be listed on the Tributes page of this website and in our Annual Report for the fiscal year. Visit the Tributes page to view past tributes to people (click here) or pets (click here). Click here to make your tribute gift.

To find out more, call us at 216-920-3051.

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