Allergic to Your Cat?

Easy tips to prevent & control your allergy

People & Allergies to Cats

It can be tough being a pet parent when someone in your home is allergic to your cat.

allergic to your cat

Allergy symptoms are no fun. Thankfully, there are ways to decrease allergy symptoms for those allergic to your cats. 

This 2‑page guide will help you care for the people in your home who are allergic to your cat. You'll find information and tips on:

  • How allergies develop.
  • Myths and facts about allergies to cats.
  • Creating the best home environment for people who are allergic to your pet.

You or someone in your home may be allergic to your cat, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your beloved family pet. This helpful resource can help you answer some common questions. You'll learn what to consider when someone in your family has allergies to cats, how to decrease allergy symptoms, and how to care for your cat to reduce allergens in your home. 

Download Allergic to your Cat? Tips to prevent and control your allergy today. And congratulations on taking this important step. 

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